When NBC announced their plans to revive Will & Grace as a part of their new 2017 fall line-up 11 years after the beloved Must-See TV staple signed off for good with a questionably dour series finale, we’ll admit it—we were a little worried.

Could lightning strike twice? Were NBC audiences willing to tune in to an out-of-vogue format (multi-cam) regardless of who’s involved? Would the magic still be there or would the spark present in the original run—now a ubiquitous presence in syndication—be missing? To say that the Peacock network was taking one hell of a high-profile risk was an understatement.

While there have been a few notable exceptions, the rule when it comes to revivals in this reboot-obsessed age is that they usually don’t connect—either creatively or with audiences (or sometimes both). For every Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, there’s a Prison Break or Twin Peaks: The Return. And none of those shows returned to the same network on the same night in the same time slot that housed much of their original run. Like we said, one hell of a risk.

But here’s the good news: Our worries were unfounded.

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